Electronic Cargo Tracking Solution

Electronic Cargo Tracking Solution including container security tracking is only effective when the transport history is tracked and monitored from end-to-end with a holistic approach. As part of the global integrated supply chain security system and solution in providing monitoring services, AVANTE container transport tracking solution provides end-to-end real-time intermodal container and rail car cargo transport access and intrusion tracking using patented active RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security tracking technologies:

  • Real-time container intrusion and tampering detection based on AVANTE patented RSSI differential and multi-mode sensors from ZONER™-CTID tags placed inside the container received by RELAYER™-CTOR readers attached outside of the container when any opening of the intermodal container on any of the six surfaces is created. Additional container security seal using optical continuity is available for container and trailer door intrusion tracking.
  • Transportation workers and staff are equipped with ZONER™-SSID badges that include a “transportation worker identification card” (TWIC), compatible passive card (ISO 14443), and an active ZONER™ component, beaconing every second to provide real-time location and proximity to the container for personnel safety and container security. In case of emergency, the driver and staff can press on the panic button to call for assistance.
  • Carriers including trucks, rail trains, aircrafts, and vessels include a monitoring RELAYER™-CTCR that has an embedded GPS, GPRS and SATCOM to provide real-time locating of container and cargo. Unauthorized intrusion into a container and exceptions such as temperature excursions beyond normal ranges, excessive mechanical shock, absence of driver, etc., are reported in real-time.
  • Driver and/or staff ZONER™-SSID badges are equipped with a “panic” button to call for help in real-time.
  • A cost-effective real-time locating system (RTLS) based on received signal strength indicators (RSSI) from active RFID ZONER™ tags and badges received by a network of active RFID RELAYER™ readers can be installed quickly and in mobile settings. The RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor network is installed in ports, terminals, and yards to provide real-time visibility during temporary storage orwhile in transit. The same network is installed onboard vessels requiring real-time visibility.
  • Containers and/or pallets or boxes of high value can use a RELAYER™-CTOR that is embedded with GPS-GPRS-SATCOM to provide independent real-time reporting status during scheduled times and exceptions or tampering information in real-time.